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A relationship over time needs space in order to thrive. We understand it’s difficult to give yourself some space in your own home while self-isolating. It’s certainly a tricky one; which is why our Boutique Hotel in Oxford has compiled a list of things you and your partner can do separately in your home, to give your relationship – and your sanity – that little burst of fresh air. 


Spring Clean Different Rooms

A job shared is a job halved. Springtime is finally here, and we know you’ve been putting it off, but there’s no hiding that it’s the time of year for spring cleaning! Make a mental list of areas in your home with your partner, and divide them in half. Get your favourite podcasts or music on and start the deep clean! 

It doesn’t have to stop there! Why don’t you divvy up chores and take turns? It can be laundry, cooking dinner or cleaning the dishes. 

The Relationship Box

In some relationships, tensions can be high at this time. So why not create a little buffer for the time you or your partner may be unhappy? Here’s how to make The Relationship Box:

Each of you needs to write a letter to your partner, about the things you love most about them. It doesn’t have to be too cheesy! Just something your partner can read or smile about. Put your letters to each other in an envelope, write your partner’s name on it and put it in a box with a bottle of wine. When tensions get high and almost unbearable, open the wine together, and open your letter from your partner. 

The Great Debate

Here’s a fun one; independently search for movies or a series, and have a debate with each other about which ones you want to watch together. The only rule is you can’t watch any trailers together! Only the power of debate can be used. The point of this is to start talking about different things, much like when you come home from work and catch up with your significant other about your day. 

Find A Hobby To Do Separately

All work and no play is just no fun! Now we have plenty of time to take up something new, why don’t you both find something to pass the time? You can even pick up a hobby you’ve stopped for some time now! Have some quality ‘me-time’ with yourself and work on something you love! 

Document your process to show your partner how much you’ve improved during this time – this will be sure to spark some refreshing conversation. 

Exercise and Compete!

We have to stay fit and healthy. Seen as you’re allowed one daily exercise a day, why don’t you compete with your partner? Using a Fitbit or a fitness app such as MyFitnessPal or Strava, you can exercise alone, and compare scores with each other!

You can run a 5k and compare times, do some weights or yoga, and compare calories burned, or even just some jumping jacks in your living room! Whatever your preferred method of exercise is, get your competitive streak on with your partner for that added bit of fun and motivation.

Ultimately, a romantic relationship needs breathing space. Keep your mind active, heart open and stick together in these uncertain times. For now, our hotel in Oxford encourages you to stay safe, stay well and stay home. We are in this together. 

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