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Oxford’s Hidden Gems

There is plenty to do in Oxford, from punting to exploring the beautiful architecture and visiting Oxford University. But what many people don’t know is that setback, down winding alleyways and cobbled roads are many more ‘secret’ attractions, just waiting to be discovered. In this blog, our boutique hotel in Oxford explores some of the city’s best-hidden gems!

Alice and Wonderland Trail

It’s no ‘secret’ that Oxford is known for its literature, with some of the world’s most famous writers attending the university, including Lewis Carroll. But if your not local to the area, you may not know that you can, in fact, go on an ‘Alice and Wonderland Trail’, and explore all the places that were used for inspiration. Hotspots include Christ Church College, where Carroll studied, Museum of Natural History and Alice’s Shop – where the real-life Alice bought sweets from.

[photo credit: Daily Info]

FREVD Oxford

FREVD Oxford is the perfect place for a pint, especially on those warm, summer-like evenings! Located in a former 19th-century church, the now bistro pub has some of the quirkiest interiors, including stained glass windows and vintage furniture. As well as having an indoor area, the bar also has a large terrace and offers an innovative cocktail menu – we recommend trying the ‘Holy Freud’. Located just a 10-minute walk from our boutique hotel in Oxford.

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Keble College

One of the less traditional buildings in Oxford, Keble College is the university’s first red brick college, and was once described by some as ‘the ugliest building in the world’. However, the designer, William Butterfield has been praised for his innovative approach to gothic revival, with many commenting on the elegant brickwork and uniqueness. Personally, we love the building, and think it’s one of the city’s many hidden gems, definitely worth a visit on your city break!

Boar’s Hill

Just a little bit out of town, located on the south side is Boar’s Hill and offers some of the most magnificent views of Oxford. Although it can be a slight trek to the top of the hill, it’s worth the walk when you look across and see the dreaming city of spires in all its glory. The viewpoint was said to be a favourite of author, Matthew Arnold, as well as modern-day romantics.

[photo credit: Flickr, Boars Hill]

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