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Easter In Oxford – 5 Amazing Things To Do

The beautiful city of Oxford is home to so many wonderful places that come to life at Easter. We have made a list of 5 things to do during your visit, we hope that you feel inspired!

Step Into Spring At Oxford Botanic Garden:

As the sun begins to glimmer through the trees this Easter in Oxford, do you fancy getting outdoors and enjoying nature? Although Oxford has many incredible walking routes, if you want to immerse yourself in a different outdoor experience then the Oxford Botanic Garden is the perfect place. This is a great day out for families and couples alike. Here you can discover over 5,000 different species of plants that are all incredible in their own unique way. The colours during Easter are magnificent. During springtime, you can also enjoy the Harcourt Arbetoreum where over 130 acres of the world’s most rare and endangered trees lie. Easter is the perfect time to visit as you see these beautiful living things shake off that winter snow and bathe in the sun. There are often events over Easter, however these have not been announced just yet so keep your eyes peeled. You can view the website here to find out more information. 

Visitor Tips:

– Check the garden’s official website for current exhibitions and events.

– Enjoy a stroll and take in the beauty of the various plant collections.

– Visit the garden shop for unique gifts and plant-related items.

Immerse Yourself In History At Blenheim Palace:

We are sure that have already heard through the grapevine that if you are visiting Oxford then you should take a trip to Blenheim place for its beauty and culture. Blenheim Palace is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, set in 2,000 acres of landscaped parkland. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned in the UK for being one of the most beautiful historic landmarks to visit. Easter is one of the best times to visit this grand palace as the beginning of Spring allows for the gardens to come alive with plenty of gorgeous colours. Inside the house, you can explore art and historical artefacts. For the children, there is a miniature train that is so fun so take a ride on! The lake and butterfly house are even more things that make Blenheim Palace the perfect day out. Blenheim Palace is also known for putting on some great Easter events, but these are also not announced just yet. You can follow any announcements on their website here

Visitor Tips:

– Check the palace’s event calendar for special exhibitions and events.

– Explore the extensive parkland and enjoy boat trips on the lake.

– Consider guided tours to learn more about the palace’s rich history.


Flowers at Easter

Get Up Close To Amazing Animals At Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

How about a fabulous day out as a family at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens? Here, you don’t just get the opportunity to see the beloved farmyard favourites such as pigs and goats, you can also see up close over 260 animal species, including lions and giraffes! Livestreams allow you to always see those sleepy animals during the day, so don’t fear, no one will miss anything! The park also has some beautiful gardens in its 160 acres of parkland that exhibit some exotic plants and seasonal displays so that you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the park for some relaxation. The Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens tends to celebrate Easter, have a look on their website here to keep track of any announcements. 

Visitor Tips:

– Plan your visit around animal feeding times for an interactive experience.

– Explore the beautiful gardens, including the tropical house and walled garden.

– Bring a picnic or enjoy refreshments at the on-site cafes.

Be A True Punter At Cherwell Boathouse:

Punting is a quintessential Oxford activity and it provides so much fun. Punting is gliding along the river in a flat-bottomed boat where the ‘punter’ propels the punt by pushing a long pole against the riverbed – it is very relaxing. At Cherwell Boathouse, you can have this experience and enjoy gliding along the scenic River Cherwell. This is both a perfect family activity and an opportunity for some romantic quality time. You can either self-hire punts if you want to have a go yourself or you can do guided tours with knowledgeable punters! To complete the experience, you can consider eating at the Boathouse restaurant which offers amazing views. For an experience a little different this Easter, punting at Cherwell Boathouse is a unique way to spend your time in Oxford. You can see their website here

Visitor Tips:

– Book punts in advance, especially during peak times.

– Bring a picnic for a relaxing experience on the river.

– Combine punting with a riverside meal at the Cherwell Boathouse restaurant.

Punting at Easter

Stay In Style At Vanburgh House Hotel

In the heart of Oxford lies Vanburgh House Hotel, a luxury spot offering incredible stays. Maybe we’re slightly biased… but all of our reviews agree! Staying with us is a fantastic way to complete your time in Oxford and we offer the perfect base to relax. Our rooms are steeped in comfort and there is no doubt that you will feel like a King or Queen if you stay with us. 

Visitor Tips:

– Explore our vibrant neighbourhood for shopping and dining.

– Enjoy a delicious breakfast.

– Check for any special packages or promotions on our website.

We hope this list of five things to do in Oxford this Easter shows how memorable a stay in the city can be. If you fancy making your time ultra fantastic, you can book a room with us here

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