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In a city with as much history as ours, there are some facts that you just wouldn’t believe – from the old to the new! Our boutique Oxford hotel has listed our favourites in this blog. Take a read, and prepare to be blown away.

We have 38 individual colleges

In Oxford, academia rules – literally! As one of the most sought-after cities for academics and higher education alike, it’s not a surprise that Oxford University tops the list – but it’s not alone! With 37 other colleges, this city is one of the most popular spots in the world for further education.

Radiohead formed in Oxford!

Shortly before gaining international fame, the English rock band Radiohead formed at Abingdon School in Oxford! We wonder if the love interest in the song ‘Creep’ could have been a fellow alumni…

Photo Credit: Abingdon School

Ever heard of Shark House?

Just east of Oxford, in the Headington suburbs, is the famous Shark House. It’s a lot like the other houses around it, however its defining feature being a 25-foot-long headless shark protruding from the roof. This surreal and strange piece of art was commissioned by American Bill Heine in 1986 to comment on Cold War politics.

The word ‘snob’ originated here

Many people don’t consider the origin of slang words that are commonly used in modern times. In fact, the word ‘snob’ originated in Oxford! It is said to have derived from ‘S. Nob’ an abbreviation of ‘sine nobiliate’, and was written after the names of children of untitled parents in certain English schools. The Latin phrase meant ‘without nobility’, and was shortened over the years. 

The other uni…

The University of Cambridge was actually founded by scholars who fled the first of many ‘Towns versus Gowns’ riots that erupted in Oxford in 1209. It actually took them over twenty years to be granted a royal charter – which was finally granted in 1231 by King Henry III. 

While our city is renowned for its elegant architecture, beautiful colleges and stunning aesthetic, there is so much more to Oxford. Seize your stay at our luxury Oxford hotel and browse our special offers.

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